Sunday, September 27, 2009

New Moon

I was playing around with the telesecope last night, and the moon was seriously lighting up the sky. Jupiter was incredible, too. I'm not skilled enough to get a photo of jupiter, but here is the new moon.


  1. Exquisite! I love looking at things close up that seem almost mundane because you see them everyday. The colors and craters.... WOW!

  2. Tell the truth, you took this on one of your Witches of Warwick jaunts there on your brooms, Do you ride side saddle, Tammy and Karen do.

  3. The details in this is amazing - what a shot! Hey, tell Ron that sometimes it pays to be a syster! LOL

  4. Amazing shot of the moon. How difficult is it to get a shot like that? I always wonder, because my shots of the sky always come out funny. At any rate, it's a beautiful photo. Thanks!

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  5. Super detail - really nice shot!

  6. Linda, this is just spectacular. Whatever you did, you did it right!

  7. Awesome! *speachless* Well done!

  8. Wow...very well done! I love it.

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